Our overarching goal is to create and test various habitats from naturally occurring terrestrial lava tubes analogous to the Moon and Mars. The advantage of this approach is that it reduces the amount of construction materials required to be placed in orbit and then relocated on a lunar and/or martian surface. Currently, 4th Planet Logistics’ objective is an evaluation of the practicality of pressurizing terrestrial lava tubes directly by creating atmospheric barriers that utilize the lava tube’s naturally occurring regime as a primary or secondary structural shell. This approach will involve the use of 3D printable, locally derived, geological materials and complementary robotic assembly techniques.

4th Planet Logistics’ principal customer-base are organizations, institutions and companies involved in commercial and/or governmental efforts to return to, and establish, long-term outposts on the Moon and eventually on Mars. Our secondary market includes underwater research facilities, mine rescue operations and portable, pressurized emergency medical facilities for both military and civilian application.

4th Planet Logistics also offers consulting and field testing regimes designed to assist various organizations in evaluating prototype product development for application for off-planet or other hostile environment application. 4th Planet Logistics’ competitive dominance resides within its unique ability to implement a multidisciplinary laboratory facility and field-based approach to cutting edge technical and engineering challenges that are associated with living in extreme environments on Earth, the Moon, Mars and beyond. 4th Planet Logistics encapsulates these capstones by ensuring project expenditures remain cost effective and by offering professional services that allow companies to undertake extensive field tests in extreme regimes without incurring the expense needed to duplicate our expertise. 4th Planet Logistics plans to make available, to qualified, partnered organizations, access to a low pressure test chamber that can be incorporated within the confines of an analogue lava tube.


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