Route a Climb on Olympus Mons

Help us Route a Climb on Olympus Mons
Michael Chalmer Dunn M.A. M.Phil., Founder / Director 4th Planet logistics

To all my friends and other contacts in space exploration, mountaineering or related support and imaging roles at NASA, JPL, SpaceX or other organizations; as well as those who know me and are involved in decision-making for major outdoor gear companies or advanced material providers; I’d like to extend a personal invitation to become involved in our effort to establish a climbing route to the summit of Olympus Mons.

If you think you might like to help us generate attention and support for future manned Mar’s Missions through exposing the general public and outdoor crowd to the excitement and adventure of visually climbing the highest known mountain in the solar system please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Michael Chalmer Dunn

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