Our lava tube site currently under development in Iceland will provide expanded habitat research and development opportunities for 4th Planet and its affiliated partners. For additional information on potential access opportunities please contact the Iceland Operations Support Group directly.

The cave Stefanshellir, which is one of the biggest caves in Iceland and lies in a large, very “classical” flood basalt lava field called Hallmundarhraun is 144 km from Reykjavík.  The cave is decorated with lavacicles and lava stalagmites.  A lavacicle is a geological formation consisting of a quantity of lava that dripped from the roof of a cave as it cooled and hardened, leaving a rounded protrusion. A lava stalagmite is a cone of lava on the floor of a cave built from drippings from above.  It may be under a lava stalactite.

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Image credits:  Björn Hróarsson 2008, Hellahandbókin. Mál og Menning, Reykjavík and Dave Bunnell / Under Earth Images