4th Planet Logistics MLTPP field work currently centers around the effort to test various alternative concepts and approaches for accessing, surveying and eventually robotically sealing and pressurizing analog Moon and Mars lave tubes. The majority of this work is undertaken by members of the 4th Planet ‘Field Resources Group’ (FRG) and occurs predominately in research lava tubes, as well as a (proposed) artificially constructed ‘lava cave’ site, in Northern Iceland. Principal FRG members encompass a broad range of specialized skills that when taken as a whole allows us to engage with our objectives in a technically well balanced and multidisciplinary way.


Michael C. Dunn

Founder/Director 4th Planet Logistics, LLC. FRG Team Lead. Hostile/remote environment shelter & logistics. Advanced Exploration materials development and testing.



Martin Gasser

Geologist, caving and lava tube expert.




Christa Maria Feucht

Geology and minerology resource management, Iceland



michael-thomas_editedMichael Thompson

Volcano entry/egress technical rigging and support.