Yavor Shopov

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Professor Yavor Shopov is head of University Centre for Space Research and Technologies of Sofia University, Bulgaria. He is PhD in astrophysics and stellar physics. His main fields of research are related to applied and fundamental research in space science and solar- terrestrial physics, design and development of optical and spectral equipment for photographic observations and photometry in different regions of the spectrum for payload of satellites, UAVs or ROVs. He works on development of effective techniques and equipment for remote location of caves on the Moon and Mars for their human exploration and potential inhabiting. He is leader of the International Program on “Remote Location of Caves” (RCL) of International Union of Speleology (UIS). Final aim of this programme is location of caves on and Mars.

Dr Yavor Shopov is President of the Commission on Physical Chemistry and Hydrogeology of Karst of International Union of Speleology since 1993. In this commission participate 108 scientists from 31 countries, but most are from USA. He is member of Volcanic Caves Commission of UIS since 1991. He is an internationally renowned cave scientist. National Geographic Channel made a documentary movie about his scientific research.

Dr. Shopov is supervisor of the Master programme on Aerospace engineering (small satellites) of Sofia University. He is Bulgarian representative in Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) Expert Group of the European Commission.