Do we need to go to the Moon before we go to Mars?

Why not go to both?  At the same time?

It is time to make bold decisions and instead of talking about what we should be doing we need to start carrying out those directives that have been discussed since the day the Apollo Program ended in December 1972.

With 4th Planet Logistics’ capabilities, we are able to provide both lunar and martian human habitation that will provide safe and effective means of living and working both on the Moon and Mars.

Our overarching goal is to create and test various habitats from naturally occurring terrestrial lava tubes analogous to the Moon and Mars. The advantage of this approach is that it reduces the amount of construction materials required to be placed in orbit and then relocated on a lunar and/or martian surface. Currently, 4th Planet Logistics’ objective is an evaluation of the practicality of pressurizing terrestrial lava tubes directly by creating atmospheric barriers that utilize the lava tube’s naturally occurring regime as a primary or secondary structural shell. This approach will involve the use of 3D printable, locally derived, geological materials and complementary robotic assembly techniques.