Advisory Committee

The 4th Planet Logistics Advisory Board consists of individuals who have extensive expertise in a broad range of disciplines that complement the overall objective of providing a ‘turn key’ solution to cost effective, efficient and safe planetary habitats. Areas of expertise include geology, volcanology, space science, robotics, additive manufacturing/3D printing, aerospace and materials engineering, materials science, computer sciences, planetary sciences, planetary mapping, technical field rigging, extreme living environment logistics, telemetry and imaging, tunnel engineering, finance, law and business administration. The combined capability of the Advisory Board encompasses native speaker level skills that include 14 additional languages beyond English.

Several Advisory Board Members also chair MLTPP working groups in their specific areas of expertise. Biographies for individual Board Members can be found on the 4th Planet Logistics website.

Arina Ageeva

Donald Barker

Michael Chalmer Dunn   *

Paul R. Covey   *

Christa Maria Feucht

Jonathan Fosdick 

Martin Gasser  

Francis Govers III

Ann Hartry   *

Ardice Hartry

Don Hartry   *

Ibrahim Mutlay

William O’Hara

Orlygur Hnefill Örlygsson   *

Francesco Perini

James Rice

Yavor Shopov

Michael Thompson

Dmitry Zhuikov

*  Board Members